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A large landmass that is smaller than a continent.

The land of India is a Subcontinent of Asia.


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A strong wind that brings heavy rain to southern Asia in the summer.
Every summer, this part of the river receives added water from heavy monsoon rains.

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a flat area of lad that is elevated, or raised, above the land around it.
the Deccan Plateau is a triangle shaped area that lies between two mountain ranges in southern India.

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a very large area of ice that moves slowly down a slope or valley or over a wide area of land.
water from Glaciers in the Himalaya mountains feeds northern India's major rivers


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a religion that developed in India over many centuries, it traces its roots to older traditions such as Vedic beliefs of Brahmanism.
No single person founded Hinduism.


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a belief found in Hinduism and other Indian traditions that a person has a duty or obligation to live in an honorable life.
Dharma is a important belief in Hinduism and other Indian traditions.


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ancient ritual traditions which Brahmins played a key role.
Brahmins are priests and Scholars.


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a god or godness
a deity is a god.

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a belief found in Hinduism and other Indian traditions that the good and evil done in the past life determines the nature if that persons next life.
Karma is another belief Hindus share with other Indians.


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the cycle of birth,rebirth, and death.
when people are apart of sarmasa they will know pain and death.


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a collection of ancient writings viewed as sacred by many Hindus.
the Vedas are a collection of sacred texts that teachings composed to Sanskrit.

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an ancient Indian language.
The Vedas are a collection of sacred texts that teachings composed to Sanskrit.

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ancient ritual traditions which Brahmins played a ket role.
Brahmins are priests and scholars.


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a class or group, Hindu society.
Today we call the practice of social organization developed in India the Castle system.

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the belief that a persons soul is reborn into a new body.
people escape the cycle of rebirth, or Recarnation by following their dharma.

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a journey to a holy place.
The Indians of ancient times went holy journeys called pilgrimages

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the religion founded by Siddhartha which teaches that life brings suffering.
the truths that budda discovered under the bohdi tree are the basic principles of buddaism


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a Sanskrit word meaning enlightened
on who is enlightened will become a Budda

Prince Siddhartha
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a king that is ancient and followed a Budda path.
prince siddartha was born in 563 B.C.E.


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a personwho gives up worldy pleasures
theman was an ascetic.


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goods or money given to the poor.
they carried a small bowl of alms with gifts and food.


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the state of gaining spiritual insight.
siddartha gave up his old life a searched for enlightenment.


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an idea state of happiness and peace.
siddartha reached nirvana.

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the process of being united or being made into a whole.
being made into a whole is unification.

Mauryan Empire

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an empire lasting from 322 to 187 B.C.E
mauryan began to build the mauryan empire.

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a command that is obeyed like a law.
the four edicits are important.


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a member of a religious community of men typically living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience
monks are apart of a religious community.