History Terms with
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Molly Subcontinent.jpg
A large landmass that is smaller than a continent.
A subcontinent is a landmass that is smaller than a continent.

Monsoon Molly Monsoon.jpg
A strong wind that brings rain to southern Asia in the summer.
A Monsoon is a big strong wind that carries water.

Plateau Molly plateu.jpg
A flat area of land that can be elevated.
A plateau is a flat area of land.

Glaciers Molly galacier.jpg
a slowly moving mass or river of ice.
Glaciers are mountain formations that sits on the water.

Hinduism Molly Hinduism.jpg
A religion that developed in India over time.
Hinduism is an Indian religion.

Dharma Molly Dharma.jpg
A belief found in Hinduism and other Indian traditions.
Dharma is a belief that the Indian people had in order to live a good life, meaningful life.

Brahmanmolly brahmanism.jpg
Ancient ritual traditions in which Brahmins played a key role.
Hindus believed in Brahmanism in order to keep the ancient rituals alive.

deity Molly Detiy.jpg
A supernatural being who may be thought of as holy, godly, or sacred.
In the Roman Catholic faith, Jesus Christ is our deity.

karma molly karma.jpg
A belief found in Hinduism and other Indian traditions.
Karma is when you have done something in the past whether its good or evil. What goes around ,comes around.

samsara molly samsara.jpg
The cycle of death, and rebirth.
Hindus believe in the cycle of Samsara when the soul is reunited with Brahman.

Vedas 15927491445_609df3ee73_c.jpg
A collection of ancient writings viewed as sacred by many Hindus.
Many Vedas can be found among the temples in India.

Sanskrit 2336291607_b32bbfc053.jpg
An ancient Indian language.
The people of India and the subcontinent speak Sanskirt to one another.


caste 6367523777_598b482986_n.jpg
A class or group in Hindu society.
Today one can change their social structure by marrying a person in a higher caste group.

reincarnation 163075423_c708571a33_n.jpg
The belief that a person's soul is reborn into a new body after death.
Many Hindus believe that they will be reincarnated into a different person or object.

pilgrimage molly pilgurmage.jpg
A journey to a Holy place.
The Indians traveled to the Ganges river during the Holy week.

Buddhism molly buddism.jpg
The religion founded by Siddhartha, which teaches that life brings suffering that one can escape by seeking nirvana through enlightenment.
Many monks practice Buddhism in the country of Thailand.

Buddha molly budda.jpg
The name given to the man who founded Buddhism which means "enlightened".
My mother has a statue of a Buddha in the bathroom for all to admire and hope for happiness.

Prince Siddhartha molly prince s.jpg
A person who became a great man and he became am ascetic man.
Prince Siddhartha was a very wealthy man who gave up all his possessions later in life.

ascetic molly acssect.jpg
A person who gives up worldly pleasures.
The prince became an ascetic when he shed his clothes, sandals and jewels in the woods.

alms molly alms.jpg
Goods or money given to the poor.
We give alms in church each Sunday during Mass.

Enlightenmentmolly Enlightenment.jpg
The state of gaining spiritual insight.
During daily prayers one can possibly reach enlightenment through deep silence.

Nirvana molly nirvana.jpg
An idea of happiness and peace.
I feel like I have reached Nirvana when I eat chocolate.

Unification molly unify.jpg
To unify or unite together.
King Ashoka unified the subcontinents of India.

Mauryan Empire molly empire.jpg
A empire lasting from about 322 to 187 B.C.E.
The Mauryan Empire was a time when a powerful family ruled the land through war and conquests.

edicts molly edicds.jpg
A command that is obeyed like a law.
The King placed several edicts into walls, rocks and pillars for all to remember.

monks molly monks.jpg

A male who is part of the monastic order.
Most monks live a very simple life.