Below please find book trailers for our summer novel, Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. Students used to create these trailers. Hopefully, these trailers make you want to read the novel, Maniac Magee.

Alessandra, Haley, and Keyante (5th Hour)

Ryan and Jonah (5th hour)

Isaiah and Evan (5th hour)

Sarah and Sidharth (5th hour)

Shannon and Jacob (5th hour)

Molly and Kaitlyn (5th hour)

Elisabeth and Gehrig (2nd hour)

Felix and Alex (2nd hour)

Anna and Zayd (2nd hour)

Drew and Zach (5th hour)

Erin and Clara (2nd hour)

Jacob and Mila (2nd hour)

Olivia, Brooke, and Gwyn (2nd hour)

Haven and Brody (2nd hour)

Maddie and Kate (5th hour)

Rex and Emma (2nd hour)

Allison and Chris (5th hour)

Bryan and Hayden (3rd hour)

Ava and Ricky (3rd hour)

Charles and Michael (3rd hour)

Ben and Jack (3rd hour)

Jacob and Tom (3rd hour)

Jonny and Asher (3rd hour)

Trevor and Sam (3rd hour)

Alec and Cayden (3rd hour)

Gabi and Jim (3rd hour)

Sophie and Miles (3rd hour)

Erin and Griffin (3rd hour)