History Terms with
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A large land that is smaller then a content.
A subcontinent is smaller then a conitent

A strong wind that brings lots of rain to southern aisa.
If you go to southern Aisa you might come upon Monsoon .

madddie plateau

A flat land that is elevated.
A plateau is flat land that is elevated.

Tall mountains taht are mostly formed in cold places
Mountains that are formed in cold places

A religion that developed in India.
Hinduism is a religion that started in India.

Dharmadharma maddie.jpg
A belief found in Hinduism and other India traditions.
Dharma is a belief found in Hinduism.

A ancient ritural
Brahman is a ancient ritual.

deitydeity maddie.jpg
a law or oblagtion
like a law or oblegation

karmakarma maddie.jpg
A belif found in Hinduism
Karma is a belief found in Hinduism and also other religions

a important part of hindusim
A part thats important to hindusim

Vedasveas maddie.jpg
A collections of ancient writings
Vedas is a ancient writings

Sanskritsanskirt maddie.png
A ancient India language
Sanskrit is a India language

Brahmanbrahmin maddie.jpg
A type of holiday
a holday for the buddisim

castecaste maddie.png
A class or group in the hindu society
A class/group in the hindu soceity

reincarnationreincarination maddie.jpg
The belif that a persons is reborn after death
A belif that a person comes back life after death

pilgrimagepilgramage maddie.jpg
the journey to sacred palces
The journey to sacred holy places like the gangue river

Buddhismbuddisham maddie.jpg
The religion founded by sidheartha whitch teaches that life bringes suffering
a religion that was founded by the prince sidheartha and also teaches that life bringes suffring.

Buddhabudda maddie.jpg
a sanskirt or the word meaning enlightened
The lanugage tha is the word meaning enlightened

Prince Siddhartha2456857239_c18ace1f81_s.jpg
A prince that was in the budddisim
a prince that followed most rules in buddisim intill he went out to see the real life

a person who gives up wordly pleasures
A person who gives up some type of wordly pleasures

Goods or money that is given to the poor
Goods and pleasures are geven to the poor.

The state of gaining spirturial insight and finding unversal truth
Gaining truth and finding unervasel truth

a idel state of happinese and peace
The state of happines and truth

Te process of being united or as a whole
The process of being united or togeather as a whole

Mauryan Empire3117552020_75f2df9ea3_s.jpg
An empire that lasted from about 322 to 187 B.C.E during when the mariyan family idenfied india
An empire that lasted from about 322 to 187 B.C.E when the mariyan family idenfied india

A command obeyed like a law
A type of command that is obeyed like a law

a member os the religous order
A member of the religous order