History Terms with
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Define the term in your own words.
Use the word in a sentence that shows understanding of the word's meaning.
India From Above.jpg

A large landmass that is smaller then the continent.
India is a Subcontinent of Asia.

A Deadly Monsoon.jpg
A Strong wind that brings heavy wind to places.
In India there was a monsoon so big that it blew the house down!

PlateauA planteau.jpg
A Flat area of Land that is elevated from the Ground.
I live in a plateau...

GlaciersBeautiful Glacier.jpg
Water & Ice Left Fallen from Mountains
If I fell of a mountain i would die from a Glacier.

An Indian religion known to be sacred.
Hinduism is a sacred way to live life.

DharmaNICE KITTY.jpg
A good way to live life.
Dharma is my way to follow.

a supreme leader following the Hindu ways which is now worshiped in many countries.
Everyday Hindu people worship their Brahman at different times of day.

A rank of a supreme of god which is advanced in ways
A Brahman is like a deity but is not as big as a supreme leader or a deity.

A bringing of good or bad results on oneself according to his/her behavior.
If you hurt your sister as a Hindu, You will get Bad Karma and it will not have very many good results.

A process of coming into existence in a different type of thing....
If you have good karma, you can get out of Samsara.

An entire body of Hinduism sacred writings.
Hindus read sacred writings almost every day to learn them over and over....

It is a literary language for Hindus.
Hindus and Buddhists Read Sanskrit everyday to remember the ways of the religion Hinduism and Buddhism.

A person who is aloof.
Things can make some person aloof.

A social group that has something to do with Buddhism
Caste sounds like something you would put on your arm if you broke it but is not what i thought it was.

getting reborn from another god
my friend got reincarnated yesterday.

any long journey
My family are going on a big trip

a religion
A religion that i am.

any of a series of teachers in Buddhism
For example Prince siddhartha

Prince Siddhartha
Prince Siddhartha is the buddha
He saw what people have gone threw and he changed his ways.

someone who gives up everything.
Prince siddhartha became an ascetic.

The mountains
happy to the mountains..

to be happy
I am happy

The way to escape samsara

the process of joining two or more things together.
The unification of India.

Mauryan Empire
An Empire.
Rome was an empire.

King Ashoka's laws
He put them everywhere

A member of a monastic group.
The monk worships a the monastary.