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SubcontinentJonny c subcontinent 2015.png

A large landmass that is smaller than a continent.
India is a subcontinent of Asia.

MonsoonJonny c monsoon plateau.jpeg
A strong wind that brings heavy rain to Asia in the summer.
A monsoon has occurred in the Thar desert many times.

Plateaujonny c plateau 2015.jpeg
A flat are of land that is elevated above the land around it.
The Deccan Plateau is in between the East and West Ghats.

GlacierJonny c glacier 2015.jpeg
A slowly moving mass or river of ice.
Glaciers can be any size.

HinduismJonny c hinduism 2015.jpeg
A major religious and cultural tradition of South Asia.
Hindiusm is one of the biggest religions in the world.

DharmaJonny c dharma 2015.png
A belief found in Hinduism and other Indian cultures.
Hindus should follow there Dharma.

BrahmanJonny c brahman.jpg
A member of the highest Hindu caste
Brahmans are scholars and priests.

deityjonny c diety.jpg
A god or goddess in a polytheistic religion.
A Deity is another name for a god.

karmajonny c karma.jpg
In Hinduism and Buddhism the sum of a person's actions in and decides their future.
Karma directly affects a Hindus next life.

samsarajonny c samsara.jpg
The cycle of death and rebirth.
Hindus try to escape Samsara.

Vedasjonny c vedas.jpg
A collection of ancient writings viewed sacred by many Hindus.
Vedas is like a bible or Torah.

Sanskritexternal image 6932209010_bc6643e306_b.jpg
An ancient Indian language.
Sanskrit was used in ancient times.


casteexternal image 16646864840_f1b5406e25_b.jpg
A class, or group, in Hindu society.
The lowest level in the caste system is the untouchables.

reincarnationexternal image 15407939689_46a4eb79b1_s.jpg
The belief that a person's soul is reborn into a new body after death.
Karma affects reincarnation.

pilgrimageexternal image 6199119621_5e2621a9ba_s.jpg
A journey to a holy place.
Islams have a pilggrimage to Mekkah.

Buddhismexternal image 8936866470_ed3e79d887_s.jpg
A religion that is practiced in India.
Another one of Indias big religions.

Buddhaexternal image 519095385_d245001282_s.jpg
A Sanskrit word meaning "enlightened".
Siddhartha became a Buddha.

Prince Siddharthaexternal image 4130607604_00c6cb2766_o.jpg
An Indian religious leader.
Prince Siddhartha was the founder of Buddhism.

external image 7637963694_4c9cf6fa85_s.jpg
A person who gives up worldly pleasure.
Siddhartha was an ascetic person.

external image 12604297423_575468647f_s.jpg
Goods or money given to the poor.
Alms is almost like how we have all of the donations in America.

external image 13959393591_d752a53b61_s.jpg
The state of gaining spiritual insight and finding universal truth.
You tright to become enlightened in Buddhism

external image 4024404585_27913af0f6_s.jpg
An ideal sate of happiness and peace.
Buddhists try to reach to Nirvana.

external image 5270204817_8023e674c2_s.jpg
The process of being united or made into a whole.
Some people try to have unification.

Mauryan Empire
external image 2412708900_2f8f7d6bf9_s.jpg
An empire lasting from about 322 to 187 B.C.E.
Ashoka was the leader of the Mauryan Empire.

external image 9241396121_1b2e15a459_s.jpg
A command that is obeyed like a law.
Edicts are apart of the Buddhists religion

external image 81245366_b1ec22612a_s.jpg
A member of a religious community of men.
Monks are very famous in Europe.