History Terms with
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Subcontinentjonah subcontinent.JPG

A body of land that is part of a continent but very big.
India is a subcontinent.

MonsoonJonah monsoon.JPG
A strong wind that brings in heavy rain.
A monsoon can be good or bad.

PlateauJonah plateau.JPG
Land that has altitude change.
The Decan Plateau is between the western and eastern ghats.

GlaciersJonah Glaciers.JPG
Big blocks of ice that sit on water.
We are melting the Glaciers.

Hinduismjonah hinduism.JPG
A religion that Believes in karma and are from Ancient India.
In Hindu believes that believe in karma witch is what you do in your life affecting what happens to you in your next life.

Hindu believe of a duty.
The Buddha is a dharma.

deityjonah deity.JPG
There are many Deities in Hindu sacred text..
There are many Deities in Hindu sacred text.

karmajonah karma.JPG
The believe of what you do in your current life affects you In your next life.
A very important Hindu believe.

samsaraJonah samsara.JPG
What ancient Hindu texts are written in.
Their ancient text is written in samsara

Vedasjonah vedas.JPG
A collection of ancient texts.
A Vedas is a sacred text.

Sanskritjonah edict.JPG
A ancient India language
In ancient India they spoke sanskrit

Brahmanjonah b.JPG
A religious scalar.
Some one who is a religious scalar.

castejonah caste.jpg
A system of social class in India.
The caste system makes sure every one is in a social class.

reincarnationjonah rencarnaition.jpg
The believe that you are re-born after death in a new life form.
Hindus believe that your next life is affected by good or bad karma.

pilgrimagejonah pilgrimage.JPG
A journey to a holy place.
Some people make pilgrimages in their religion

Buddhismjonah buddhism.JPG
A religion that believes in many different things like the eightfold path.
Prince Sidartha followed the teachings of Buddhism.

BuddhaJonah samsara.JPG
What you become after you reach enlightment.
Prince Sidartha was a Buddha.

Prince Siddharthajonah prince sidartha.JPG
He was born a royal and became the Buddha.
Prince Sidartha told people to follow the eightfold path to achieve enlightment.

asceticjonah ascetic.JPG
Some one who believes that if they give up all personal belongings to reach enlightment.
Monks are ascetic.

Goods or money given to poor.
Some one can give alms as a charity.

After following the eightfold path one may achieve enlightment.
The Buddha achieved enlightment and became the Buddha.

Nirvanajonah nirvana.JPG
A state of happiness and piece
Meditating can achieve narvanna

Unificationjonah unification.JPG
To join together
Most empires are people that unify.

Mauryan EmpireJonah Mauryan Empire.JPG
A empire that stretched across most of Ancient India.
The Mauryan Empire was a very large empire.

A command or law
King Ashoka had many edicts.

monksJonah Monks.JPG
A very religious group that has very serous laws and ways of life.
The monks are very to themselves.