History Terms with
link or visual representation
Define the term in your own words.
Use the word in a sentence that shows understanding of the word's meaning.

jim subcontinent2.jpg
a piece of that that is big but smaller than a continent.
I live in a subcontinent.

Monsoonjim monsoon.jpg
A very big and dangerous storm with heavy rains.
There was a big monsoon the other day.

Plateaujim plateau.jpg
a elevated piece of flat land.
There is a plateau on the other side of the lake.

Glaciersjim glaciers.jpg
A big icy mountain.
Look at that glacier.

Hinduismjim hinduism.jpg
A religion that was developed in india.
I practice Hinduism.

Dharmajim dharma.jpg
A belief in hinduism that someone has to do something.
I found what my dharma is.

Brahmanjim brahman.jpg
An ancient ritual tradition.
A key role.

deityJim deity.JPG
A god that represents brahman.
This deity represents this.

karmajim karma.JPG
A belief on where a person goes after it dies.
You will have a good karma.

samsarajim samsara.JPG
The repeating cycle of being born.
You will samsara when you die.

Vedasjim vedas.JPG
Ancient writings by hindus.
there are some vedas over there.

Sanskritjim sanskrit.JPG
Ancient indian language.
I know some sanskrit.


castejim caste.JPG
A group in hindu society.
I am in a caste.

reincarnationjim reincarnation.JPG
A belief that a persons soul is sent to a new body.
I believe in reincarnation.

pilgrimagejim pilgramige.JPG
A journey to a holy place.
I am going on a pilgrimage.

Buddhismjim buddhism.JPG
The religion founded by Siddhartha.
I practice buddhism.

Buddhajim buddha.JPG
A sanskrit word.
I know what buddha means.

Prince Siddharthajim prince siddharth.jpg
The founder of buddhism.
That is prince saddharth in that picture.

asceticjim ascetic.jpg
Someone who gives up pleasure.
I am ascetic.

almsjim alms2.jpg
Things for the poor like money and goods.
You have to give your alms.

Enlightenmentjim enlightment.jpg
Gaining spiritual insight and fining the truth.
I saw my enlightenment.

Nirvanajim nirvana.jpg
Happiness and peace.
I like nirvana.

Unificationjim unification.jpg
Joining together in a group.
Lets start unification now.

Mauryan Empirejim unification.jpg
An empire lasting from about 322 to 187B.C.E.
That is the mauryan empire.

edictsjim edicts.jpg
Commands that are obeyed.
You have to obey the edicts.

monksjim monks.jpg
Religious people living in groups.
I am a monk.