History Terms with
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Define the term in your own words.
Use the word in a sentence that shows understanding of the word's meaning.
subconitnent isaiah.png

A landmass smaller then a continent.
That is a huge subcontinent!!!

Monsoonmonsoon isaiah.jpg
A strong gust of wind that brings heavy rain to Asia.
There is going to be a huge monsoon heading to Asia.

PlateauPlateua isaiah.JPG
A flat area of land this elevated above the land around it.
There is a big plateau in India.

Glaciersglaicers Isaiah.jpg
A slowly moving mass or river of ice.
There are really big glaciers out in Antarctica

A religion that developed in India over many centuries.
Many people have then religion of Hinduism in India.

Dharmadharama Isaiah.jpg
A belief found in Hinduism and other Indian traditions.
I know someone who honors the Dharma.

Ancient ritual traditions in which brahmins played a key roll.
Brahman is an ancient ritual.

God or goddess.
There is one deity.

A belief found in Hinduism and other Indian traditions
Karma is a belief of most Indian traditions.

It is when you escape the belief of
rebirth and death.
Have you escaped samara?

A collection of ancient writings.
There are many collections of vedas.

An ancient Indian language.
Some people use sanskrit as there language.

Brahman is the name of a supreme power that some Hindus believe is the greater then some dieties.
Brahman influences lots of people.

A class in the Hindu society
Many people follow the Caste system.

A belief that a persons soul is reborn.
Many Hindus believe in Reincarnation.

A journey to a holy place.
Lots of Hindus tale the journey on there pilgrimage.

Buddhism is based of the religion of Buddha.
Many people follow the religion of Buddhism.

A sanskrit word meaning enlighted.
Theres one very big Buddha.

Prince SiddharthaPict0026b.jpg
The founder of Buddhism.
Prince Siddhartha was the first to fund Buddhism.

A person who gives up his pleasures.
Prince Siddhartha gave up his pleasures and became ascetic

Giving away goods to the poor.
Prince Siddhartha gave up his goods and gave them to the alms.

The state of gaining spiritual insight and finding the universal truth.
Siddhartha reached enlightenment when he gave up some of his goods

An ideal state of happiness and peace.
Buddha had nirvana once he reached his goal.


The process of being made in to.
He reached his point of unification.

Mauryan EmpireMauryan_Empire_Map.gif
An empire started by the Mauryan family.
The Mauryan empire was one of the biggest.

A command obeyed like a law.
There were many edicts there.

People who are trying to achieve enlightenment.
Monks are peaceful.