History Terms with
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sub map.JPG
A large land mass that is smaller than a continent.
class a subcontinent is a little smaller land form then a real continent.

MonsoonHugo heavy wind and rain.jpg
A strong wind that brings heavy rain to the southern part of Asia.
We just had a monsoon and we can't go to school because its being repaired because of all that rain.

A flat land that is elevated and taller that the land around it.
We found a plateau and we went to have a picnic there and it was the perfect spot to do it to.

A big form of ice that is usualey on amountain at the top.
We saw such big glaciers on mount everest when we climbed it and almost all of it fell of, luckily we were climeing on they other side of the mountain.

A religon that developed in India its roots to older beleifs back in time.
i belief in hinduism and we practice and before we sometimes take a bath in the bath.

Dharmalittle boy.png
an obligation or duty to live an honorable life.
When my friend was married it was one form of dharma.

Brahmanfire works.jpg
an anient tradition in wich bramaputras celebrate because of a role they played.
I am brahman and i played my role in the world.

deityVISHNU 2.jpg
is a super natural being who may be thought of as a god
hinuismhas 3 deities brahmin vishnu shiva.

a tradition in wich good and evil decide if the person should go to be a wealthy person or a poor person in other words deciding what there next life will be like.
My karma was very good in my last life because i have every toy i ever wanted.

samsaracircle of life.jpg
the belief of birth death and rebirth
if i believe in samsara if my karma is very good i can get out of the cycle of death birth and rebirth.
A colection of ancient writings that hindus read.
Today i read about something called a vedas we read about it and we studied it to it was really fun.

Sanskrit[[image: cxdz.jpg width="102" height="114"]]
An ancient indian language.
This ancient language is called sanskjirtt and nobody uses it today.

A religion that a group of people beleave in.
I am brahman and i bealive that we are reborn in a new body every deth birth and rebirth.

casteclass room.jpg
A class or group in hindu society.
the caste would teach hindu teachings

reincarnationcircle of life.jpg
The beileif that after a person dies they become a new born baby.
i have gone throw riencarnation 5 times, or at least thats what god tells me.

pilgrimagechill pill.jpg
a journy to a holy place.
my pilgrimage was to go to the ganges river.
a religon founded by sidartha
prince sidartha found the middle path with found him budaism

a word that means inlighted
im buddha.

Prince Siddhartha2063179834_e577caad80_m.jpg
a prince who created the middle way without to much suffering and not to much goods
Prince sidarttha founded the middle path not to wealthy and not to poor

asceticgiving dog.jpg
A person who gives up wordly pleasure
an assetic is basically means your a monk.

Goods or money given to the poor
I gave some of my alms to those peopple on the street back there they were beging for it.

gaingin good spiretual power and seeing the truth.
i am so enlightened in what i see

An ideal state of hapieness and peace.
I would've have love to become nirvana.

The proves of being united or holy
i was unified when i became inlightend.

Mauryan Empireempire.jpg
an empire lasting from 322bce to 187 bce
I built the marina empire.

a comand that is obayed like the law.
my edict is to never find my hiden things

People that live without any goods and starve.

I am a monk i became one to respect the 4 noble truths