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hayden subcontinent.jpg
A place on a continent that is separated from the rest of the continent.
India is a subcontinent of Asia.

Monsoonhayden monsoon.jpg
The season wide wind of the Indian ocean
The monsoon doesn't happen here.

Plateauhayden plateau.jpg
A place with level land joining two other lands together.
There is a plateau between the Ghats

Glaciershayden glacier.jpg
A large iceberg.
There are many glaciers in Antarctica

HinduismHayden hinduism.jpg
A religion practiced widely in India.
A lot of people practice Hinduism

Dharmahayden dharma.jpg
Law and your job.
If you follow your Dharma you'll get good Karma

Brahmanhayden brahman.jpg
The supreme power of the universe.
Brahman is kind of like our belief in God.

deityhayden diety.jpg
A Hindu god.
Hindus have many gods but all are below Brahman.

karmaHayden karma.jpg
What determines your life after death.
If you have good Karma you'll get reincarnated as something good.

samsarahayden samsara.jpg
The belief in reincarnation.
In Hinduism you keep getting reincarnated.

Vedashayden vedas.jpg
Hindu sacred writings.
It's like the bible just different beliefs.

Sanskrithayden sanskrit.jpg
The Hindu language.
Some people write in Sanskrit


castehayden caste.jpg
The dharma you're born into.
The system that determines your Dharma

reincarnationhayden reincarnation.jpg
Being reborn after you die.
If you die you get born again as someone else.

pilgrimagehayden pilgrimage.jpg
Leaving home to see something or live somewhere.
The Islam people do a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Buddhismhayden buddhism.jpg
A religion practiced widely in Asia.
Six percent of the world practices Buddhism

Buddhahayden buddha.jpg
An enlightened person.
Siddhartha was enlightened

Prince Siddharthahayden prince siddhartha.jpg
The founder of Buddhism
Siddhartha was a prince but he gave that up.

ascetichayden ascetic.jpg
Someone who gave up their stuff to meditate.
Siddhartha was once an acetic.

almshayden alms.jpg
Donations to poor people.

Enlightenmenthayden enlightenment.jpg
Understanding why people suffer.
Enlightenment is what Buddhists search for.

Nirvana Hayden nirvana.jpg
Freedom from reincarnation.
In Hindu and Buddhist beliefs the only way to truly die.

Unificationhayden unification.jpg
Being united.
Ashoka united the Mauryan empire.

Mauryan EmpireHayden mauryan empire.jpg
An empire that had control over a lot of land for a long, long time.
Ashoka was the most known ruler of the empire.

edictsHayden edicts.jpg
Commands that are obeyed like laws.
Ashoka made four main edicts.

monksHayden Monks.jpg
A man who is a member of a Monastic order.
There are many Buddhist monks.