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A large piece land that is smaller than a continent.
A subcontinent is smaller than a continent.


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Weather that has heavy winds and rain.
Monsoons occur in southeast Asia.

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A land often cut by deep canyons.
The Deccan plateau is in India.

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An extend for of ice, formed by snow.
Glaciers created the great lakes.

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The common religion of India.
Hinduism is celebrated around the world. But mostly in Asia


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A religious law.
Dharma is a law for people to follow.

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The impersonal supreme being.
Brahman is the God in Hinduism.


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A being revered as a god.
A deity is a Hindu belief.


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What has been done in the previous life will affect the next.
Hindus believe in Karma.


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The belief is the belief in reincarnation.
Hindus believe in Samara.


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To Hindus, sometimes it is the entire body of sacred writings.
Hindus read the Vedas.

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A language.
People speak Sanskrit.


caste system

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The rigid Hindu system based on castes.
Some Hindus don't use the Caste system anymore.


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The soul after life comes back to earth in a new body.
Some religions believe in reincarnation.

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A long journey to a special sacred place.
People take a pilgrimage to the Ganges river sometimes.


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A religion based on the Buddha.
Buddhism started in India.


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The Buddha is the founder of Buddhism.
Before the Buddha reached enlightenment he was prince Siddhartha.

Prince Siddhartha

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Prince Siddhartha became the Buddha.
Prince Siddhartha gave up everything to find a way to end suffering.

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A person who dedicates there life to finding religious answers.
Prince Siddhartha became an ascetic for a while.


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Donations given to the poor.
it is good to give alms.

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The state of being enlightened.
The Buddha found enlightenment.


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An end to reincarnation.
It takes many life times to nirvana.

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The process of unifying.
Unification is important.

Mauryan Empire

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An empire that united all of northern India.
The Mauryan Empire was ruled by Ashoka.

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A command.
Ashoka made edicts.

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A man who is a member of monastic order.
There are Buddhist monks.

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