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A large landmass that is smaller than a continent.
India is a subcontinent.

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Strong wind that brings extreme rain to India in the summer.
monsoons can happen in the Thar desert and that creates most of its rain fall.

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A flat area of land that is raised from the land around it.
There is a plateau in India called the Deccan Plateau.


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A large piece of ice that is found in cold climates.
Glaciers can be small or huge.


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A religion that started in India many centuries ago.
One of the biggest religions in the world is Hinduism.

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A belief found in Hinduism and other Indian traditions that a person has a duty or obligation to live an honorably life.
Hindus do their best to follow their dharma.


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A member of the highest Hindu caste.
Brahmans are scholars and priests.


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Hindus believe that all deities are different faces of supreme force.
A deity is another name for a god.


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Good and evil in past life determines the nature of that persons next life.
Karma deter-mans a Hindus next life.

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the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.
Many Hindus try to escape samsara.

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A collection of ancient writings viewed as sacred by many Hindus
A Vedas is a holey book.

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A language used by ancient Indians.
Sanskrit was used in ancient times.

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A member of the highest Hindu caste
Brahmans are scholars and priests.

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A class of people in a Hindu society.
Untouchables are the lowest caste.

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The belief that a person's soul is reborn.
karma deter-mans reincarnation.

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A journey to a holy place.
Hindus try to pilgrimage to the Ganges river.

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A religion founded in India.
Also a very big religion.

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A word meaning enlightened.
Prince Siddhartha became a Buddha.

Prince Siddhartha
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A religious leader.
prince Siddhartha was the first Buddha.

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People who give up pleasures.
People do this to try to achieve enlightenment.

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Resources or money given to the poor.
Alms are like charity.

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Finding universal truth.
All Buddhists try to achieve enlightenment.

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A state of happiness.
People try to reach nirvana.

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Being united or whole.
Some people try to have unification

Mauryan Empire
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This empire lasted from 322 to 187 B.C.E.
King Ashoka was a leader of this empire.

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A law.
Edicts are used in the Buddhist religion.

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A religious community.

monks are very serious about their religion.