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A body of land that is big, but not as big as a continent.
The subcontinent was right next to Africa thousands of years ago.

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Big rains that are brought into southern Asia when big winds occur.
The monsoon damaged the village.


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A piece of flat land land that is raised higher than the land around it.
The Deccan Plateau is located in India.

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A piece of ice made when snow falls onto it, accumulating very slowly over years.
Many glaciers were around the world during the ice age.

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An old religion that has its roots from the Vedic Religion and Brahmanism and was developed over centuries.
The Brahmans studied Hinduism in the temple.

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To live an honorable life by following a persons obligations or duties, practiced by Hindus.
The whole family followed their dharma, and are still following it.

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A member of the highest class in Hindu society.
The Brahman felt no pity for the homeless.

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A goddess or god.
The deity was worshipped with much respect by Hindus.

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A belief found in Indian traditions and in Hinduism where people believe that the good and evil they do, determines their nature and who they are in their next life.
The girl lived with good karma and was wealthy in her next life.

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The continuous cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.
The Buddhists hoped to one day escape samsara.

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A collection of ancient writings that are important to Hindus, and to Hinduism.
The group of Hindus carefully studied the Vedas with great concentration.

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A very ancient language, developed by Indians.
The Indian family spoke fluent Sanskrit.

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A member of the highest class in Hindu society.
The Brahman felt no pity for the homeless.

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A group, or class in a Hindu society.
The man was born and raised in a very disrespected caste.

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The belief that after death, a person's soul is reborn into another body and into another life.
After reincarnation, the boy was reborn into the body of a lion.

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When someone journeys or travels to a holy sight or place.
Many Jews take a pilgrimage to the city of Jerusalem.

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A religion that was founded by Prince Siddhartha. This religion teaches that people can escape suffering by searching for nirvana through enlightenment.
The young gentlemen meditated and practiced Buddhism.

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A word that means, "enlightened," in Sanskrit that was titled to a man who had found enlightenment.
Many statues of the Buddha were built in monk monasteries.

Prince Siddhartha
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The Buddha or enlightened one.
Prince Siddhartha gave up his riches to become an ascetic.

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A person that gives up his or her every day/worldly pleasures.
Every person in the ancient tribe, became an ascetic.

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Money or different goods given to the needy or poor.
Prince Siddhartha carried alms into the forest, wearing simple clothes.

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The hope of finding spiritual peace and truth; The number one goal to Buddhists.
The Buddha was the first person ever to find enlightenment.

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A state of peace and happiness, wanted by people.
The Buddha found nirvana after meditating.

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To unify or unite something.
King Ashoka unified the subcontinent, India.

Mauryan Empire
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When the Mauryan family unified India for the first time. The empire thrived from 322 -187 B.C.E.
The Mauryan Empire was very powerful and was ruled by Chandraputra and Ashoka Mauryan.

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A command or message carried out like a law.
King Ashoka followed four edicts.

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A male who is part of a monastic order.
The monk wore simple clothing.