You and your partner have spent the last couple of weeks researching and learning about Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. You also created a presentation to teach other students about your Civilization/Empire. When you and your partner have completed your presentation, please do the following:

1. Log into our class wiki.
2. Create a new wiki page page by clicking on the + next to Pages and Files.
3. Name the page with you and your partners first names and your research topic. For example: Adrienne and Kathy Ancient Rome
4. Use the template Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome Project.
5. Tag it Rome Project if your topic is Ancient Rome.
6. Tag it Greece Project if your topic is Ancient Greece.
7. Click Create page.
8. Upload both your Noodletools source document and your presentation to the appropriate location on your newly created wiki page.

YEAH!!! You have completed this unit of study. Now, you will teach another classmate about your civilization/empire. Good Luck!!

View the project directions and rubric here:

Ancient Greece:

Ancient Rome: