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One Crazy Summer
Rita Williams-Garcia
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There are 3 girls named Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern. Are flying from New york to Oakland, California to see there mother but when they got there nobody claim them, a woman stood there looking right at them weither she should come forward or not. The mother was not a nice women to live with she was not of what they dreamed of. A week later the mother was feeding fake food and spent there disney land mohney for buying real food, It was very stressful time in California. At the end it was a weird adventure for Delphine Vonetta and Fern. Read the book to find out what are all the details.
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Book Rating and Why?
Wikioker okay book.
The book didn't really grab me as a reader, but this is my opinion. It was a book that other people will enjoy. But it wasn't my favriote book in the world.