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Alessandra Torah.jpg
Judaism's most sacred text. It is a scroll containing
the first 5 stories of the Hebrew Bible.
The Torah is the most scared text to all the Hebrews'.


Alessandra Israelite.jpg
The early name for the Jewish people.
The Israelite was the old name for the Jewish people.


Alessandra Judisam.jpg
The first religion to worship one God.
Judaism was the fist religion to worship one God, among all the Israelites'.


Alessandra Exodus.jpg
The escape of the Israelite's from slavery in Egypt.
Exodus, was the escape of the Israelites from the slavery.


Alessandra Covenant.jpg
A promise or a agreement on something.
A covenant, is either a agreement or a promise on something.

Ten Commandments

Alessandra Ten Commandments.jpg
Ten laws, and teachings said that were given directly from God.
The Ten Commandments, are laws and teachings. Said that came directly got given to Moses right from God.


Alessandra Jerusalem.JPG
The most holiest city of the Jews; and many more kingdoms such as Israel and then Judah.
Jerusalem Is the center city not only to the Jews also home to many more.


Alessandra Monothiesm.jpeg
A single belief in one God.
Monotheism is the belief only one God.


Alessandra Polythiesm.jpg
A belief in many Gods.
Polytheism is the belief in not one God, many Gods are cherished.


Alessandra Exile.gif
To banish or expel from one's own country or there home.
Exile means to banish someone from a country or from there homeland.


Alessandra Talmud.jpg
The collection of ancient Jewish writings, that interpret the laws and teachings of the Hebrew Bible.
The Talmud contains ancient Jewish writings , or commentaries of the Hebrew Bible.


Alessandra Christanity.jpg
The religion based is around the life and teachings of Jesus.
The religion Christianity is based around the teachings and life of Jesus.


Alessandra Gospel.JPG
An account of the life and teachings of Jesus; four of them are in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.
The Gospels are an account of the life and teachings of Jesus.


Alessandra Diciple.jpg
A person who helps spreads religious teachings another.
A Gospel spread religious teachings around.


Alessandra Parable.jpg
A simple story that represents a religious lesson.
A parable is a story that spreads moral or religious lesson.


Alessandra Missionary.jpg
Someone who tries to convert people to there religion or certain belief.
Missionary is a person that tries to convince people to go to there religion or there belief.


Alessandra Messiah.jpg
A savior, who many Jews believe that gotten promised by God.
The Jews say the Messiah was promised to them directly by God.


Alessandra Salavation.jpg
Being saved from a sin; in Christianity salvation is being saved by Jesus, is a source of salvation.
Salvation is being saved from a sin you have made in your past. A source of salvation is being saved by Jesus.


Alessandra Sacrament.JPG
A sacred writing, or ritual, of Christian churches.
A sacrament is either a ritual, or a sacred rite.


Alessandra Qur'an.jpg
The holy book of Islam, of Muhammad teachings.
The Qur'an is the Bible for Islam.


Alessandra Mosque.jpg
A Muslim temple or a place of public worship area.
Mosque, is a Muslim place of worship.


Alessandra Ramadan.jpg
The ninth month of the Islamic.
Ramadan, is the ninth day of the month for the Islamic.


Alessandra Islam.jpg
The religious faith of the Muslims.

Islam was the faith of the Muslim people.


Alessandra Muhammad.jpg
The God that the Muslims pray to.
Muhammad is the Jesus for the Muslims.


Alessandra Prophet.jpg
A person God has chosen to speak for him to the people.
Moses was chosen by God to be a prophet.