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human sacrifices
Alessandra Human Sacrafices.jpg
When they sacrifices/killing people, when someone important dies.
When the first Emperor of Qin died they made human sacrifices.
Alessandra Clan.jpg
A large group of people.
Usually a clan is a group of family, or friends.
Shang Dynasty
external image King_Tang_of_Shang.jpg
One of the first Chinese dynasties, ruled from 1700 to 1122 B.C.E.
The Shang Dynasty was on of the first rulers in China.
ancestor worship
external image 320px-Ancestor_worship004.jpg
The honoring of ancestors.
Ancestor worship was a very important thing in the Chinese past.
external image Faust,_Titelblatt_der_Erstausgabe.jpg
A sign that stands for a letter or character
A logograph is a symbol that stands for a word.
Alessandra ecomny.jpg
The way a country uses there resources or what they produce, to sell and trade goods.
Economy is what the country earns by selling and trading the goods they have.
external image Korean_Confucianism-Chugyedaeje-01.jpg
A Chinese philosophy that emphasizes good behavior.
A Confucianism is a philosophy for good behavior.
external image Chinese_woodcut%3B_Daoist_internal_alchemy_(12)_Wellcome_L0038982.jpg
A philosophy that emphasizes living in harmony with nature
Daoism is a thing where it shows how to live in harmony with nature.
external image Liu_Bei_Tang.jpg
A philosophy that emphasizes strict obedience to laws.
A legalism is symbol for law and obedience.
Mandate of Heaven
external image Amaterasu_cave_edit2.jpg
A power or law granted by God.
A Mandate of Heaven is a law in the power of God.
external image Reeve_and_Serfs.jpg
A system of government based on land owners
Feudalism is a form of government.
Zhou Dynasty
external image 640px-Ritual_food_container,_Western_Zhou_Dynasty.jpg
Rulers in China, from about 1045 to 256 B.C.E.
The Zhou Dynasty was rulers in China from a period of time.
external image Konfuzius-1770.jpg
A belief that some people in China belief in.
Confucius boom and scholars were burned and buried alive.
civil servants
external image Palastexamen-SongDynastie-Kaiser.jpg
A person who works for the government.
Civil servants is a person who works for the government.
Qin Shihuangdi
external image Qinshihuang.jpg
The first emperor to rule China, from about 221 to 210 B.C.E.
Qin Shihuangdi was the first emperor of China.
external image 4289002444_1994aebba8.jpg
To make something the same.
Standardize is to make something the same or equal.
external image Tissot_The_Flight_of_the_Prisoners.jpg
To banish someone from a country or there home.
To exile a person from there home or country.
external image 3341492581_aca982d1b2_o.jpg
Able to live forever.
An immortal is someone who can live forever.
Han Dynasty
external image Han_Dynasty_100_BCE_(Chinese).png
The dynasty from about 206B.C.E. to 220 B.C.E.
The Han dynasty was right after the Qin Dynasty.
external image Civilserviceexam1.jpg
A complex organization that functions under a set of rules.
A bureaucracy is a organized complex organization.
external image Mi_Fu-On_Calligraphy.jpg
A form of writing.
A calligraphy is a form of writing in Ancient China.
external image Morton_Ether_1846.jpg
A poison to make you die.
A anesthetic is a drink to poison you.
Silk Road
external image 1024px-Silk_route.jpg
A network of trading routes that stretched throughout Asia.
The Silk Road is a route of trading areas to follow.
Zhang Qian

external image ZhangQianTravels.jpg

A long journey/trip.
Zhang Qian is a far distance travel.