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human sacrifices
Alec human sacrafices.jpg
When the emperor died they buried humans with him.
human sacrifices were buried them dead or alive.
Alec clans.jpg
A large group of family members and friends.
China had lots of clans.
Shang Dynasty
Alec Shang dynasty.jpg
One of the first Chinese dynasties.
The Shang dynasty ruled from 1700 to 1122 B.C.E.
ancestor worship
Alec ancestor warship.jpg
Honoring of ancestors through rituals.
ancestor worship offered food and wine to the spirits of the dead.
Alec logograph.jpg
A small meaningful unit of a language.
China simplify to communicate with logograph.
Alec econmoney.jpg
The way a region or country uses resources to produce and sell or trade goods.
The economy made peoples needs and wants.
Alec Confucianism.jpg
A Chinese philosophy that emphasizes proper behavior.
Confucianism had lots of different strict laws.
Alec Daosim.jpg
A Chinese philosophy that emphasizes living in harmony with nature.
Daoism is another one of China's strict laws.
Alec Legaism.jpg
A Chinese philosophy that emphasizes strict obedience to laws
If you didn't fallow Legalism then you would be punished.
Mandate of Heaven
Alec Mandate of Heaven.jpg
A power law believed to be granted by God.
Mandate of heaven is why they have all these strict laws.
Alec feudalism.jpg
A system of government based on landowners and tenants.
Feudalism was the old system they used in China.
Zhou Dynasty
Alec Zhou Dynasty.jpg
A line of rulers in China.
Zhou dynasty ruled from 1045 to 256 B.C.E.
Alec Confucius.jpg
He was a famous Chinese teacher.
He was a philosopher also.
civil servants
Alec civil servants.jpg
A person who works for a government.
China had lots of civil servants.
Qin Shihuangdi
Alec Qin Shihuangdi.jpg
The first emperor to rule a united China.
Qin Shihuangdi ruled from 221 to 210 B.C.E.
Alec standardize.jpg
To make the same.
China used standardized in many ways.
Alec exile.jpg
To banish or expel from one's own country or home.
China exiled people who didn't believe in the Emperor.
Alec immortal.jpg
Able to live forever.
People thought that the Emperor was immortal.
Han Dynasty
Alec Han Dynasty.jpg
The dynasty that ruled China following the Qin dynasty.
The Han dynasty ruled from 206 B.C.E to 220 C.E.
Alec bureaucracy.jpg
A large, complex organization that functions under a given set of rules and conditions.
China used bureaucracy for rules.
Alec calligraphy.jpg
A pencil shaped object made for writing.
They used the calligraphy for the [[#|Chinese characters]].
Alec anesthetic.jpg
A poisoning item that makes [[#|people sick]].
They used anesthetic to have human scarfices.
[[#|Silk Road]]
A network of trade routes that stretched for more than four thousand miles across Asia.
It stretched all the way from the east to the west.
Zhang Qian
Alec Zhang Qian.jpg
He was a silk road pioneer.
He built gates to protect the silk road from bandits.