1960's Glogster Style

Before we begin reading our next class novel, The Watsons go to Birmingham---1963, you need to learn a little about the time in which this story takes place, the 1960’s. You and your partner will research one area of the 1960’s (Fashion, Politics, Sports, Civil Rights, Arts and Entertainment, and Science and Technology) and create a Glogster (http://edu.glogster.com/) to share what you have learned. Remember to review the rubric below:)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Glogster Login: Your glogster log in is your user id plus der (kw01der) and your birthday (mmddyy).

2. Research: Use the books in the classroom OR Gale Virtual Reference Library-- http://go.galegroup.com/ps/start.do?p=GVRL&u=birm35703&authCount=1 (on the Derby Middle School Media Center Page).

3. Pictures and Videos: Use the Creative Commons link on the Derby Middle School Media Center Page) --- Be sure to unclick the "use for commercial purposes" and "modify, adapt, or build upon." Flickr seems to be the best one for pictures and you can click the You Tube link for videos.

4. Works Cited/Source Document: Use Noodle Tools link on the the Derby Middle School Media Center Page. Once you log in create a new project ---- name it 1960's Glogster. Click on Works Cited to put in all resources where you find information, pictures, or videos. If you are asked to revalidate your Noodle Tools account, UN: derbystudent --- PW: derbydragon. At the end, you will save your works cited document and upload to your wiki page.

5. Turning in your Glogster: How to set up your Wiki Page

1. Log in to our class wiki
2. Create a new page.
3. Name it your name your partner’s name category (Mrs. Westerlund Mrs. Gilmore Fashion).
4. Tag it as follows: 1960s Glogster Fashion, 1960s Glogster Sports, 1960s Glogster Politics, 1960s Glogster Civil Rights, 1960s Glogster Art and Entertainment, or 1960s Glogster Technology.
5. Save it.
6. Embed your Glogster into the page when it is completed by.....
a. Edit page
b. Click Widget at the top. It looks like a t.v. screen.
c. Choose Poster.
d. Choose Glogster or Other.
e. Paste the embed code from your Glogster page/Dashboard.
7. Upload your Works Cited Page from Noodle Tools to your H: drive to your wiki page.

1960s Fashion

1960s Sports

1960s Politics

1960s Civil Rights

1960s Art and Entertainment

1960s Technology